Thursday, January 27, 2011

Awww... no time for home improvements, well kind of

So, last weekend was too crazy to pull trim off the walls or paint a single thing BUT, good news! We did take our bed apart so now we are sleeping on our mattress and boxsprings... on the floor. :)
It's great! See, we had this huge monstrocity of a bed which made getting into the bed quite difficult for my dog-ter (which is just like a real daughter- only a dog). She has been limping more than usual lately and I just know it has something to do with the giant bed. So it's outta there (and in the guest room)! We are now in the super fun process of trying to pick out a lovely headboard/ low profile bed and Im super excited about that! Something like this Linear Queen Bed from JCPenney. Pretty slick huh?

What do you think??

Friday, January 21, 2011

Oooohhh Friday

So it's Friday here in the not-so-sunny Oklahoma! I'm totally ready for this weekend... okay not totally ready but I will be later today. Slaving away at work all day leaves little time to catch up on all of my little projects I have the best intentions of finishing. Saturday will be full of family fun but stay tuned for Sunday-funday! It will be a throughly exciting day of pulling ancient trim off the guest bedroom/ office room's walls and hopefully at least picking out a new paint color! Pictures will be included... you don't wanna miss this! :)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Life As We Know It

So, I thought it would be helpful of me to introduce you to my little family. :)

Here we are in a sweet little park right off of Main Street in Yukon. We live about 2 blocks from here. :)

And here we are with our crazy pups on the porch of our (nieces) miniature Victorian house in our backyard. Yes, we did purchase this home based on the super cute playhouse in the dog-friendly backyard. :)

My little piece of paradise consists of my lovely fiance, Raf, and my two adorable pooches, Chula and Jack. We moved to Yukon, OK in October of 2009 after purchasing our first home together. It is (more recently) a work in progress. After living here for nearly a year and a half and not doing much to make it our own, we are now in the process of working out our ideas (and differences) and making some real progress towards something beautiful! Hopefully, you will find our journey inspirational in that it is totally possible to motivate the less-than-excited into completing some very useful and wonderfully comforting home projects.

I think I should include that Raf and I are recently engaged (woo!) after "dating" for what seemed to be longer than most peoples relationships these days. We are planning a mostly DIY wedding at a, so far, undecided location. The only thing that has been decided is who is playing the roles of the groom and the bride.