Friday, February 4, 2011

The Sweet Pitter Patter...

A new little one is on their way to us via my cousins Jess and Vince! YAY for babies!!!!! They already have a super adorably sweet 2 year old and she will now be a big sista! So I was thinking I really need to get a head start on my gift to the new sweet one (because we all know that I am a terrible procrastinator) especially with the little one's due date being right around our wedding! I'm feeling a little inspiration coming on but I may need some help... I really want to make something totally unusual and special.
So far Im really liking these:

I know... super sweet huh?

**Update: 2-14-2011**
I have found the need to edit this post and my thinking that "sweet ones" is not a term totally reserved for little baby girlies. So for the sweet baby boy-ies (that doesn't work as well huh?) I have found:

Little Button Loafers Sizes - Newborn, 3 Months, 6 Months and 9 months

Hee Hee! They're kinda grandpa-gone-baby, right? So cute! I love 'em! And I love little sweet baby boy-ies!

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