Thursday, March 3, 2011

Save Our Date!

I finally decided to tackle some wedding-ness after work the other night! Aren't you surprised?? I'm not just talking about what I'm going to do?? Haaaha!

I only managed to whip up 4 of these sweet little reminder magnets but I am, non-the-less, quite smitten. :) Now our family and friends will think sweetly of us every time they reach in the fridge for a snack!
I will definitely need the assistance of my lovely bridesmaids to create another billion or so but hey, it's a start! I found this cute little idea on (tutorial included in link) and thought it would work just perfectly to let our guests know that were finally gettin hitched! Woo Woo! I did however, customize it to my liking and ever-developing theme by using burlap material for the hearts and a turquoise colored ribbon. These would be super cute for just about anything and maybe even sweet party favors too!

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