Friday, June 3, 2011

Not Match-y Match-y!!

So, when all of this wedding planning started, I knew I didn't want everything to match perfectly. I know that may sound crazy but for the casual, laid back feeling I am looking for, I think it will be perfect.
The most daunting task to date has been deciding what to ask the bridesmaids to wear. I know, this would seem like something super easy to most but I think it turned into the gray hair inducing kind of stress no one wants to deal with. Mostly because I really, really did not want to choose a dress that would be something no one would ever want to wear again. I also wanted to keep everyone's budgets in mind. You may or may not know this wedding is being done on an insy wensy budget so my girls will unfortunately have to fork out the funds for their own pretty dress.
Anyway... I ended up not making a huge decision on the bridesmaids dresses and just asked them to please find a yellow dress, above the knee, and some neutral shoes, preferably wedges or flats. I also asked them to bring their boots.
So, you may be thinking... okay that is not going to look cute at all. I swear I did some research on this before I bailed on the important bridesmaid's dress decision though and it will look great!

Take a look at what I found out there on the world wide web:


See??! So-darn-cute! And minimal decision making all in one! Love it!

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