Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Our Wedding at the Harn Homestead


It has been over a year since my last post! I have tried to come back to you so many times- only to feel that this blog thing was just a little too complicated for me (ugh). Well, I'm over it. Things are going to look squirrel-y on this little ladie's blog because she (I'm referring to myself here f.y.i) has no idea what she's doing. So, without further ado (did I spell that right??) here is our lovely wedding from LAST October!!

If you have read any of my prior posts, you already know the wonderful location we chose to have our wedding, the Harn Homestead in Oklahoma City. The location was wonderful for us because there was tons of room for our very large family!

Here's a photo of the Event Barn, where the reception was held, after all the decorations were in place. **Note: I (along with some amazing family and friends) decorated for the wedding the MORNING OF the big day! Not as stressful as I expected though! My sister made all of the party poofs in red, white and sea-glass green colors. They were so pretty! We hung them from long pieces of burlap. 

See those fancy looking tablecloths?? Okay, maybe they don't look super fancy but they were a fabulous deal and created the look we were going for. We got them from Hobby Lobby and I think they were like $3.99 each. They're thick, textured paper tablecloths with a plastic type coating on the back to give them some weight. All of the flowers were purchased at Sam's Club. We arranged them in vintage vases that were found antiquing months before the wedding.

In the photo below you will find the sweet little gazebo where we were married. We really didn't do much to it in terms of decorating. Just some peachy colored tulle with some more tissue paper poofs. There is a clearing in the middle of all these trees where the gazebo and chairs are. It is so beautiful.

Saying "We Do!"

Remember all those yellow bridesmaids dresses?? Well we pulled it off! My girls looked wonderful!
Notice their little bouquets? I made all of the roses by hand out of burlap! They doubled as a bridesmaid gift. My sister was the Maid of Honor and wore a teal dress instead of yellow. They looked so great and I love them all!

This is where our families lined up to throw birdseed. My mom insisted that we have the birdseed toss and I am so glad she did! I just love this picture because it shows the happiness of the day (and my wonderful dress)!!!

 Speaking of my wonderful dress.... I LOVE(D) IT! It totally set the theme and it was the dress meant for our day! You may have seen it before. It is the White by Vera Wang Organza Fit and Flare Gown (style VW351011). Such an amazing dress! I wore it for a wonderful day... and then sold it so we could go back to Disney World (we're scheduled to go this fall). 

 Another dress photo because I love it so much. Oh and my bouquet was lovingly made by my awesome momma! Yellow roses with baby's breath all around the roses, tied with burlap and ribbons. So perfect.

See? Perfect!

Me and my wonderful, wonderful Grandparents. I am forever indebted to them for making my life so great. I cannot even express how lucky I am to have these two wonderful people in my life. Married for 66 years. Amazing. 
I cannot move past this photo without including that about a month after our wedding, my Grandma became sick. She has pulled through illnesses so many times before but unfortunately, her time came. We miss her so, so, so much. I am so grateful she was able to share in such an important day for us. 

 Such a happy day! My sister-in-law hand stamped tons of these little napkins! They were so cute! 

 Our name! My cousin and I actually made these letters months before our wedding. They are now happily on display in our dining room. Notice the Little (married) People?? My aunt and mom found those at Target I think and surprised me with them on our wedding day (actually I'm super snoopy and found them a couple days before- oops!)!! So sweet! 

Remember that perfect Rose-ie wedding cake? My sister totally pulled it off! She made 3 perfect rose-ie wedding cakes for us which were all displayed on the most perfect pink glass cake stands (a birthday gift to me from my mom). They were beautiful and so yummy! I think the cake was the only food hubby and I had all evening!! Not because we didn't have food...just because then evening was so, so busy! Busy but great!

Here's Raf's awesome truck cake! It was a surprise groom's cake made to look like his very own giant truck!  He loved it! If you look, in the background there are some wonderful sparkly cupcakes! I don't think I have a better photo of those but they were so pretty and so sparkly (with edible glitter- who knew, right?!)!!

The food! My wonderful mother-in-law and sister-in-law along with cousins prepared an amazing, authentic meal to celebrate our wedding day! (R.I.P. Happy Feet)

Here we are with our Mustaches and Muah, a DIY I found on Wedding Chicks. So cute, tasty and a perfect party favor!

And now, the conclusion of THE BEST DAY EVER! We LOVE each other. The End! 

***Stay tuned for the Disney World 2011 Honeymoon post! (Yes we're going AGAIN this year) I'm trying to catch you up, people! :) 


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